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About BridgePointe

BridgePointe is a psychological and counseling firm specializing in optimizing people’s life successes. Our mission is to enhance the emotional and spiritual well-being of every individual and family in the community we serve.

At BridgePointe we provide a safe and helpful environment with caring professionals to help you achieve your goals. Our approach engages your strengths to promote your desired changes.

We understand that the decision to reach out for help is never an easy one. Our staff is 100% committed to helping you make decisions that are good for you today and decisions that will help you tomorrow. Our comprehensive treatment services include individual, couple and group therapy.

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Our Services

  • Individual, family and group therapy with a therapist.
  • History/information, diagnosis and individualized treatment planning.
  • Psychological and educational testing.
  • Psychiatric evaluation and medication management.
  • Liaison with appropriate resources and referrals.
  • Collaboration with primary care physicians.
  • Crisis intervention services.

BridgePointe will provide a great work environment with talented clinicians and administrative personnel so that compassion, care, and respect are given to every person we serve.

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BridgePointe is now offering a research based program designed to optimize brain health and improve mood called The Healthy Living Program.

For more information on this program click:  http://bridgepointepsych.com/events/healthy-living-program 

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