About BridgePointe Psychological and Counseling Services

Our Mission

BridgePointe is a psychological and counseling service organization specializing in optimizing people’s life successes. Our mission is to enhance the emotional and spiritual well-being of every individual and family in the community we serve.

BridgePointe provides a helpful environment and caring professionals that assist people in achieving their therapeutic goals. Our well trained clinical staff employs field tested, client focused methods that engages the intellectual and emotional strengths of individuals to change and grow.

Our Vision

  • BridgePointe believes that emotional health is very important to individuals, families and society.
  • BridgePointe believes that every person needs to be proactively engaged in the development of his or her emotional health.
  • BridgePointe will work to ease people’s emotional suffering. We will serve the total spectrum of emotional services.
  • BridgePointe will offer a multidisciplinary approach where the full continuum of psychological and psychiatric services are available.
  • BridgePointe will provide a great work environment with talented clinicians and administrative personnel so that compassion, care, and respect are given to every person we serve.

Our Values

  1. We will honor all people. We will treat everyone with fairness, dignity, respect, and integrity
  2. We will respect people’s dignity and recognize their merit.
  3. We will value people and acknowledge their personhood.
  4. We will hold people accountable and be accountable to others.
  5. We will encourage risk taking to promote successes and failures that lead to growth.

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