My child’s school requested psychological testing. Can I find that at BridgePointe?

BridgePointe provides psychological testing for children 4 to 18 years of age. The evaluation is for the purpose of understanding a child/teen’s strengths and weaknesses as well as clarifying what behaviors or emotions may be interfering with their optimal functioning (in terms of a diagnosis). Thus, for children who are not succeeding in school due to learning issues, attention problems or behavior difficulties, an evaluation may help clarify the problems and point to appropriate and necessary interventions. An evaluation may also help to understand inappropriate or negative behaviors a child or teenager is exhibiting. The goal is always to present a child’s strengths as well as his or her difficulties, and to make recommendations. You can begin the process by calling our Intake Coordinator and scheduling an initial appointment with the psychologist. This appointment is usually with only the parents. The parents’ concerns are heard and background information is gathered. Then the child or teen is seen for the evaluation. After the evaluation, the family gets together with the psychologist to go over the results and recommendations.

My name is Sheila Cohen. I am a child psychologist and have been working with children, three years old to 18 years of age, for more than 17 years. Prior to joining BridgePointe in 2010, I worked at a community mental health center. My primary focus is psychological assessments. I love working with children of all ages and their families. My goal is to recognize each ones strengths and resilience.

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