What is BridgePointe’s philosophy of care and service?

As we head into our 16th year as a private practice in greater Cincinnati, BridgePointe Psychological and Counseling Services continues to provide excellent psychological, psychiatric, and psychotherapeutic services. We have learned over the years that what makes a great company are the people who work for us and the people who utilize our services.

Over the past several years we have instituted a vision that is called “People First”. The vision highlights how very important our support staff, clinicians, and patients are to the success of BridgePointe. Some of the key concepts to our People First Philosophy:

  • Be Welcoming
  • Be Genuine
  • Be Considerate
  • Be Knowledgeable
  • Be Involved

If you are a current or past patient, we thank you for your trust in our services. If you are actively seeking treatment or have questions about the therapeutic process, we are here to assist you with anything you may need. The benefits of psychotherapy, psychological assessment, and/or psychiatric treatment can be one of the most important and life changing events you take part in. BridgePointe is here to help you realize your full potential as a person.

My name is John Getgey. I am the President and CEO of BridgePointe Psychological and Counseling Services and have owned the company since its inception in July, 2000.

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