I am dealing with the loss of someone close to me. Please tell me about grief counseling at BridgePointe?

After a significant loss, we often struggle to find a place inside ourselves for this new reality. Our lives suddenly become unfamiliar to us. Yet loss teaches us what is most precious in our lives. Love teaches us who we are. So right here — in the midst of this hugely emotional time and in our darkest hour — an opportunity to grow is presented.

Grief counseling is a safe place to invite the emotions that will help you sort through this new reality. Counseling embraces a very complex idea: to first allow yourself to express the incredible pain of your loss, and then, with time, to look for the gifts that are often hidden in the experience.

Relationships are complicated. The world can be intolerant of the expression of pain. Grief counseling offers a place to do your emotional work in your own time and at your own pace. It provides an opportunity to make sense of the complicated relationships we have with ourselves and with others. People often make huge changes at the end of their lives. These changes are their gifts to us. Within this dichotomy of darkness and light, we can feel so overwhelmed.

I, like you, struggle with the complexities of life. We are so busy in this culture, working, raising families, and trying to find time to emotionally deal with life’s changes. I too am dealing with the death of a close family member, which is a process that is always evolving. I am also keenly aware of the losses that are interwoven in the fabric of my everyday life. They are found in the context of my aging, parenting and partnering. They embrace my physical life as well as my emotional life. And every transition gives me an opportunity for increased self definition. Perhaps like you, I am not always up for the challenge… ugh… and often feel resistant to do the emotional work. But I can honestly say that when I take it on, I am better for the effort. And I am sure my family would agree!

So my advice to you is to be kind and gentle with yourself. It is a clumsy inexact process. But when the time is right, do the hard work, for the payoff is always worth it!

My name is Laura Ranz, I have been a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor for more than 27 years.

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